Making Family Councils More Effective
October 5-8, 2020


Making Family Councils More Effective
A 4-day, Interactive Workshop on Family Governance for Tomorrow’s World

This LIVE event took place, October 5-8, 2020


In a series of live, online sessions over four days, Family Council leaders and members from family enterprises across the world gather to explore how Family Councils must adapt to add strategic value in today’s disruptive world.

Active participation is required. Sessions include live, interactive presentations by faculty, daily working sessions in small workgroups, self-reflection and analysis of your own Family Council, and active dialogue and support among participants and faculty.


We have entered a new age for enterprising families – A new age that calls for Family Councils to elevate their support of the family and its enterprise. It is time for Family Councils to take an active, strategic role in preparing the family for the bold moves that will keep the family and its enterprise adaptive and successful in the New Economy and New Society.

In today’s complex world, family governance is more needed than ever but must adapt to stay effective.

How does a Family Council pivotally help the family to stay united and decisive, build key talent, and support its enterprise?

How do Family Councils need to adapt to add strategic value in today’s disruptive world?

Join us for an advanced program for mature Family Councils to explore how to elevate the Family Council’s strategic support of the family and its enterprise, and prepare the family for tomorrow’s world.