Cambridge Family Enterprise Group
Founder and Chairman, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group


In 1989, John A. Davis founded the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group. Since its founding, the organization’s mission has been to help multigenerational families and their enterprises—their businesses, family offices, foundations, and financial wealth—achieve lasting and meaningful success. CFEG is proud to celebrate 30 years in business in 2019.

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG) is a global organization devoted to family-owned enterprises. CFEG helps families and ownership groups to achieve transformative change and multigenerational success by addressing and transcending the important, and often complicated and sensitive family, business, ownership and financial issues that they face. CFEG is comprised of two divisions:

Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise is a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises with custom strategies and roadmaps for their systems. Having advised more than 500 families in over 65 countries, CFEG helps families build shareholder value and achieve multigenerational success for their families, ownership groups, businesses and holding companies, boards and management teams, financial wealth, family offices, and philanthropic foundations.

Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise is an education and research institute that studies, publishes and teaches about the significant issues family enterprises face. It is on the forefront of insightful knowledge that helps family enterprises unlock the important challenges and solutions at the heart of multigenerational success. Education programs, conferences, research on critical issues, and published thought pieces are offered to families around the world.

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Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Professor Davis joined the faculty of the MIT Sloan School of Management in 2018 to launch an innovative portfolio of programs and courses on family business, family office, and family entrepreneurship.

His focus at MIT is on the several forces that are shaping the world for family enterprises. How are technology, globalization, demographics, social changes, political movements, and the actions of government—to name a few prominent forces—challenging and opening opportunities for family companies, family offices, and family social impact? How should families own, capitalize, and organize their businesses to succeed in this new global disorder? How can families stay organized and united as they grow and spread out across states and countries? What skills and understandings do families need to nurture in family members to be adaptive in this new world? These are some of the areas that he is exploring.

“There is no better educational institution in the world than MIT Sloan to prepare enterprising families for the future. The next frontier of family enterprise education is here, and I am excited to lead this new area at Sloan,” said Professor Davis upon joining the faculty.

The family enterprise programs at MIT Sloan help families to mobilize their strengths, address their challenges, and prepare for the future at their particular stage: Either at the founder stage (moving into the second generation), or at a later multigenerational stage (moving from sibling to cousin ownership or from one generation of cousins to another). These programs are offered in the most innovative neighborhood in the world in Kendall Square, Cambridge on the MIT Sloan campus—where the future is being created.

“I am impressed with and energized by my colleagues’ understandings of the forces affecting business and society, and how—through its many labs—MIT, itself, is shaping the future,” said Professor Davis.

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