Articles: John Davis' Insights

Over the course of four decades, John Davis has authored an extensive collection of published works on a wide range of topics. His groundbreaking work is widely cited in the academic literature and by journalists, and is used by members of family-owned businesses, academics, students, researchers, and consultants.

The articles below comprise a specially curated collection of John Davis’ favorite or most thought-provoking articles and interviews. These powerful works define many of his salient viewpoints on issues that matter to business leaders and enterprising families worldwide.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of John Davis’ work. A complete compilation of his books and articles, academic journal articles, case studies, worksheets, assessment tools, and multimedia tools can be found here.


What Makes a Family Business Last?

Harvard Business Review

John Davis discusses with Harvard Business Review the performance edge family businesses have over their non-family business counterparts. And how family firms tend to take a long-term view of investments and relationships, stay in ownership control to do things their way, focus on persistent improvement and innovation, develop loyal stakeholder relationships, build key talent in select individuals, carry lower debt, and build greater financial stability. […]