Articles: John Davis' Insights

Over the course of four decades, John Davis has authored an extensive collection of published works on a wide range of topics. His groundbreaking work is widely cited in the academic literature and by journalists, and is used by members of family-owned businesses, academics, students, researchers, and consultants.

The articles below comprise a specially curated collection of John Davis’ favorite or most thought-provoking articles and interviews. These powerful works define many of his salient viewpoints on issues that matter to business leaders and enterprising families worldwide.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of John Davis’ work. A complete compilation of his books and articles, academic journal articles, case studies, worksheets, assessment tools, and multimedia tools can be found here.


Dual-class shares, family businesses, institutional investors…and Marx

Family Capital

Dual-class stock listings, often favored by founders and families who take their companies public, have a bad rap with a number of stock markets, stock analysts and especially with institutional investors. These investment companies, including pension funds and other investment pools, claim dual-class systems are a threat to “democratic norms” in public markets because these ownership systems “entrench” families in control of their family companies. […]