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John A. Davis is a sought after expert by the media. His commentary and research regularly appear in the business press in print, on radio, and on television.

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16 Mar 2021


Billionaire Cable Families Show How Canada’s Business World Runs

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MIT Sloan School
16 Feb 2021

MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

Creating a Positive Family Legacy

Jason Jay, director of the Sustainability Initiative, and John Davis, lead faculty member of Family Enterprise Executive Programs, are collaborating to develop a portfolio of offerings called the Owning Impact Project—to guide families as they strive to create positive social impact and lasting legacy.

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15 Jan 2020

USA Today

What Harry and Meghan can teach us about navigating family and money

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27 Nov 2019


Never agree to unanimous decision-making

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25 Nov 2019

Kochie's Business Builders

Lessons on the rise and fall of family business

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18 Nov 2019

Trusted Family

Q&A with Professor John A. Davis: Continuing the Conversation about the Three-Circle Model

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29 Sep 2019

Family Business Magazine

How three circles changed the way we understand family business

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12 Sep 2019

MIT Sloan Executive Education [email protected] Blog

How to achieve multi-generational success for your family enterprise

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29 Aug 2019

Legado e Familia

Leading the business family system: – Part 1 It takes a whole village

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23 Aug 2019

Family Business

How three circles changed the way we understand family business

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The New York Times
2 Aug 2019

The New York Times

4 Reasons Parents Don’t Discuss Money (and Why They Should)

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3 Apr 2019


U.S. Billionaires Are Living Longer, Making Heirs Wait

Concentrated wealth and extended lifespans have created a gold-plated family planning industry for the super rich.

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2 Apr 2019

MIT Sloan Ideas Made to Matter

As the pace of change accelerates, how can family businesses succeed?

There are clear competitive advantages to running a family enterprise. Following this guidance can protect these businesses from the clear downsides.

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28 Feb 2019

MIT News

Making family business our business

New MIT Sloan Executive Education programs help family enterprises prepare for the future.

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27 Feb 2019

MIT Sloan Ideas Made to Matter

What to watch when planning a family enterprise succession

When transitioning to the next generation, almost everything needs attention. Here are four practical ideas for a smooth and effective handoff.

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25 Feb 2019

Wealth Management

Help Families Future-Proof Their Businesses

Professor John Davis is one of the world’s leading authorities on family enterprises. How would he advise business families and their advisors to prepare for a world of ever-more-rapid technological change?

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1 Feb 2019

Oregon State University

Port Blakely, Dean’s Award for Family Business Leadership

Since 2008 the Dean’s Award for Family Business Leadership has recognized significant family enterprises of the Pacific Northwest. The recipients represent successful businesses with deep family legacies and continuing commitment to their community.

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3 Jan 2019

Family Capital

The World’s Top 750 Family Business

Why family businesses matter so much to the world economy.   Ask anyone to identify a family business they might know, and most would probably name a small company in their neighbourhood or community.

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1 Dec 2018

Families & Business

CEO Succession in the Family Business: A Better Plan for Success

Selecting a company’s next CEO is one of the most significant decisions in an organization’s life. In every company, it is critical to find the right fit; in a family-owned business, the fit factor is even more consequential. The success and sustainability of the family’s main asset and source of income, and a significant piece […]

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6 Jun 2018

FFI Practitioner

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Three-Circle Model: An interview with John Davis

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary Three-Circle Model, FFI Practitioner is excited to share two editions about the model during the month of June. For the first edition, we’d like to thank Pramodita Sharma for her interview about the inception and impact of the model on the field with one of its two creators, John […]

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