Enduring Advantage: Collected Essays on Family Enterprise Success

By John A. Davis
Cambridge Family Enterprise Press, 2018

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This book of short pithy essays by John A. Davis presents fresh data on why family businesses perform better than non-family businesses around the world. The competitive advantages of family enterprises and the strategies at the heart of their multigenerational success are explored in this revised second edition. Davis’ findings and insights have profound implications for business leaders, owners, and family members.


The seven essays span the following topics:

  • The Enduring Advantage of Family Business
  • Wealth Paths: The Rise and Fall of Family Wealth Over Generations
  • Sustaining Family Success Requires Growth, Talent, and Unity
  • The Job of an Owner in a Family Business
  • A Tour of Governance Essentials for the Family Enterprise
  • The Secret of Great Leadership Transitions
  • No Substitute for Good Parenting

“Enduring Advantage is a treasure of insights and useful information for family businesses. It dives deeply into the important issues that help families achieve multigenerational success.”

— Wealth Manager to Business Families

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