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Founder and Chairman, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

In 1989, John A. Davis founded the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group. Since its founding, the organization’s mission has been to help multigenerational families and their enterprises—their businesses, family offices, foundations, and financial wealth—achieve lasting and meaningful success.

In 2014, CFEG celebrated 25 years in business. Read the touching remarks from Founder and Chairman, John A. Davis, on the meaningful personal journey of creating an international organization that continues to grow to meet the complex needs of family enterprises.

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG) is a global organization devoted to family-owned enterprises. CFEG helps families and ownership groups to achieve transformative change and multigenerational success by addressing and transcending the important, and often complicated and sensitive family, business, ownership and financial issues that they face. CFEG is comprised of two divisions:

Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise is a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises with custom strategies and roadmaps for their systems. Having advised more than 500 families in over 70 countries, CFEG helps families build shareholder value and achieve multigenerational success for their families, ownership groups, businesses and holding companies, boards and management teams, financial wealth, family offices, and philanthropic foundations.

Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise is a leading education and research institute that studies, publishes and teaches about the significant issues family enterprises face. It is on the forefront of insightful knowledge that helps family enterprises unlock the important challenges and solutions at the heart of multigenerational success. Education programs, conferences, research on critical issues, and published thought pieces are offered to families around the world.

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Harvard Business School Executive Education

Chair, Families in Business Program, Harvard Business School

John A. Davis is founder of the Families in Business program at Harvard Business School (HBS). This six-day executive program, created by Dr. Davis in 1997, examines pivotal issues facing family-owned companies. His teaching, case writing and research focuses on family business, family wealth, family offices, governance, leadership, succession, ownership, life planning, change management, and related themes.

Dr. Davis joined the HBS faculty in 1996, and has taught and chaired executive programs, custom management programs, and MBA courses. As a Fellow in Executive Education, he teaches leadership, change management, family business management, ownership, and life planning in several executive programs, including the Owner/President Management program, Key Executives, Launching New Ventures, Leading and Transforming Family Businesses—China, and in custom programs for executive teams.

Dr. Davis created and led the MBA course, Management of the Family Business, to explore the management, career, and personal issues found in family-owned companies. He served as faculty chair of the Crossroads: Discovering the Path Ahead program, which offered participants at a career or life juncture the opportunity to design a life strategy to achieve their personal and professional goals. He taught the MBA course, Building a Business in the Context of a Life, which addresses entrepreneurship, life planning, and personal and business success.

Dr. Davis has published an extensive body of educational materials—case studies, technical notes, and diagnostic worksheets—that are used by graduate schools of business across the globe. Many of these publications can be found at Harvard Business School Publishing.

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Business Families Foundation

Advisor to the Board, Business Families Foundation

John A. Davis is Advisor to the Board of the Business Families Foundation (BFF), an organization that he has been actively involved with for over twenty years. A not-for-profit charitable organization, BFF was established by Philippe and Nan-b de Gaspe Beaubien to support, help, and empower business families to ensure their sustainability and harmony for generations.

BFF provides an online collection of family business resources, e-courses and videos, interactive activities, case stories, and advice from leading experts. Professor Davis serves as a leading expert who provides educational material to BFF’s online education collection. Some of Professor Davis’ video lessons can be found here.

BFF also organizes live conferences around the world for family businesses to gather and learn together. Professor Davis’ participation in these events can be found on the Upcoming Programs page of this site.

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